Automatic Forwarding Rules in ArenimTel PBX

Forward calls using pre-defined forwarding rules.

Automatic Forwarding Rules in ArenimTel PBX

Set automatic forwarding rules using situation recognition algorithms and never miss a call again.

In case you cannot take calls on your IP phone or softphone client (e.g. because you are out of office), inbound calls can be automatically forwarded to a custom number.

Forwarding can happen instantly or after a set time (e.g. if a call isn’t answered in the office for 30 seconds, it is forwarded to a mobile phone).

Forwarding rules can be set per phone line via the web portal.

ArenimTel’s PBX system supports all possible automatic forwarding options.

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"ArenimTel is a reliable partner in helping us grow, it is very easy to customize according to our size and needs."

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"ArenimTel has helped us radically change our customer experience: ever since we started using it, we’ve been able to communicate with our customers in a much more professional way. It also helps us grow better by the week, which is a top value of our company."

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"ArenimTel helps us make our team more efficient, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers. They understand our values and needs, hence our close cooperation."

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"ArenimTel provides smooth and reliable operation; thanks to it, we are no longer losing customers through the phone."

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"We really appreciated the fact that they wanted to understand and address our needs instead of forcing a mass-produced product on us."

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"We were looking for a customer-centric team. Our top concerns were not having to integrate a whole new system and rent and operate servers – which would have skyrocketed our costs – but pay a per-user fee instead, as well as having a proactive service provider. We are very satisfied with this service."

Automatic forwarding rules


Call Forwarding – Unconditional ​ (CFU)

If you want all inbound calls to a specific phone line to be automatically (unconditionally) forwarded to another line or extension, you can activate the CFU service.

If CFU is enabled, all calls to a given line are immediately forwarded without further assessment.

Call Forwarding – No Reply ​ (CFNR)

If you want calls to a given line to be forwarded to another number or extension after a set number of seconds of no reply, you can activate the CFNR service.

To enable CFNR, you need to set a “no reply” duration, i.e. the amount of time the call is allowed to go unanswered on the given phone line before being forwarded.

Call Forwarding on Busy (CFB)

Use the CFB service if you want inbound calls to a given phone line to be forwarded to another line or extension when the line is busy.

Call Forwarding – Default (CFD)

If a given phone line’s default endpoint is unavailable to take an incoming call (e.g. due to a power outage or lack of internet connectivity), you can define a forwarding rule.

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