Call routing logics in Cloud Call Center

Choose from multiple routing logics to make sure things always work the way they’re supposed to work.

Call routing logics in Cloud Call Center

One of the most important factors determining the success of your call center is choosing the right ringing strategy. Then, as you go along, you might also realize the need to switch to a different strategy. Whatever your preference, ArenimTel has you covered and makes it easy to switch further down the line, so you can stay focused on serving your customers.

ArenimTel supports a range of ringing strategies:

Priority-based Routing

Calls always go to the agent with the highest priority in the queue. Lower-priority agents get calls only when higher-priority agents are busy or unavailable.

Round Robin

The order of the agents is determined based upon their extension numbers. Calls are always directed to the agent with the next extension number. If the agent is busy or unavailable, the system moves on to the next in line.

Ring all

In case of the “Ring all” strategy, all call center agent extensions in the queue ring simultaneously when there’s an incoming call. The first agent to answer gets the call.

Least recent

With this strategy, the system always directs the call to the least recent agent to answer a call, i.e. the agent who has waited the longest to take a call. If the extension is ringing and the agent does not answer, the call will not be redirected to another agent; instead, the ringing will repeat. If for some reason the agent does not wish to take calls, they need to either log out or set their status to “after-call work”, so that the system knows they are unavailable.

If the least recent extension is unavailable, then the call is directed to the next least recent agent. E.g. when the agent is logged out or has an “after-call work” status code.

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"ArenimTel is a reliable partner in helping us grow, it is very easy to customize according to our size and needs."

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"ArenimTel helps us make our team more efficient, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers. They understand our values and needs, hence our close cooperation."

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"We really appreciated the fact that they wanted to understand and address our needs instead of forcing a mass-produced product on us."

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"ArenimTel has helped us radically change our customer experience: ever since we started using it, we’ve been able to communicate with our customers in a much more professional way. It also helps us grow better by the week, which is a top value of our company."

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"ArenimTel provides smooth and reliable operation; thanks to it, we are no longer losing customers through the phone."

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"We were looking for a customer-centric team. Our top concerns were not having to integrate a whole new system and rent and operate servers – which would have skyrocketed our costs – but pay a per-user fee instead, as well as having a proactive service provider. We are very satisfied with this service."

Preferred Agent Routing

You can assign a preferred agent to each customer in your customer database. This will set the agent as the caller’s dedicated, or “preferred” agent. The system will then try to connect the caller to this dedicated agent every time they call, and will only try another agent if the dedicated agent is unavailable.

Preferred Agent Routing is a service that can be enabled for each phone number, a fee is charged per number.

Last Called Agent Routing

With this ringing strategy, the system memorizes which agent serviced the customer the last time they called, and when they call again, the system will try to connect the customer to the same agent. Each time the caller calls, the system will remember which agent handled their issue the previous time and will try to connect the caller to them, and will only choose a different agent if the last called agent is unavailable. If a different agent takes the call, the “last called agent” is overwritten with the new one.

The feature works for outbound calls too: if an extension is making a call that goes unanswered, but then the callee tries to call back (e.g. using the call center’s outbound number), the system will remember which agent the callee belongs to and will route the callee to the appropriate extension.

Last Called Agent Routing is a service that can be enabled for each phone number, a fee is charged per number.

VIP Customer Routing

Queues are linear lists by default, i.e. the earliest caller is always first in line, and the latest caller is last. Without a VIP logic, when an agent becomes available again, the system always connects the first caller in line to them.

If you would like to provide a “fast lane” to your VIP customers where they don’t need to wait in line with non-VIP callers, use the VIP routing service.

You can set up a VIP queue for your distinguished customers where they can get priority service. So long as there are VIP callers waiting, the system will only connect them to agents. Non-priority customers will only be connected once the VIP queue is empty.

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