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Phone lines without limits | ArenimTel
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ArenimTel telephony services with any number!

Use the telephony service provider of your choice with our PBX and call center solutions, or bring your own phone lines and enjoy lower monthly fees and per-minute rates. You can keep your existing numbers when using ArenimTel.

Dial any country using local rates

Per-second billing

No connection fees

Custom local dial numbers

Free inbound calls

Automatic least-cost routing

Usage-related cost reports

Real-time call data

Web management portal

Phone lines without limits

ArenimTel’s solutions are compatible with most domestic telephone subscription services. Browse through the offers provided by our telecommunications partners and choose a plan that best suits you.


You can keep your existing numbers when using our system.

Phone lines without limits | ArenimTel

Choose a plan offered by our service provider partners and cut your phone costs by optimizing your telephony system at the same time.

Our domestic telecommunications partners:

Hungarian telecommunications partners | ArenimTel

ArenimTel can be connected with 99% of Hungarian telecommunications companies, and is already integrated with most operators. If your service provider is not listed, please contact us to find out about integration possibilities.

ArenimTel’s most popular phone line-related functions

Custom numbers &
Special numbers

Request memorable phone numbers and boost your business’s image.

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Forward to mobile
when site unavailable

Power outage? No internet connection? Server downtime? ArenimTel keeps you available.

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Automatically use the least costly call route and save on telephone costs.

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Number porting with
number retention

Seamlessly switch to a new service or even a new service provider while keeping your current phone numbers.

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International phone lines in 65 countries around the world

With ArenimTel, you’re not limited to a single country, but can also use international telephone services. Through our international telecommunications partners, we can provide and manage phone lines with international dial numbers from more than 65 countries. You can assign the local dial numbers of more than 5,000 cities to your international phone lines.

inbound calls
connection fees
cost reports
local dial numbers
"least-cost routing"
Web management
call data

As in the case of domestic subscriptions, you will need to sign a separate agreement with the selected operator to use international numbers, for which our colleagues provide full administrative support.

What are you looking for?

Talk to our specialists and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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