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Outstanding customer experience using ArenimTel

Running a small business on a constrained budget and with limited resources is a challenging task. To achieve exceptional results, you need happy employees and even happier customers. We can help you with both.

Full range of
call center functions

Complex reports
and detailed statistics

Online management


CRM and ERP integration

Easy customizability

We give you just what you need

Tell us your business requirements and we’ll plan and deliver the call center solution that best suits your business. Due to its highly customizable nature, our system is easy to scale and adapt to your specific needs at all times, all this at a low cost.

The Call Center solution tailored to business processes | ArenimTel
The Call Center solution with international references | ArenimTel

International call center in over 50 countries

Set up local call centers in more than 50 countries across the globe.
With multiple data centers in Europe and North America, ArenimTel provides full coverage and excellent service quality to support your international call center operations technologically.

Efficient, transparent and even fully automated outbound campaigns

Whether it’s telemarketing, phone-based recovery of accounts receivable, or generic customer notifications, ArenimTel’s call center software and service helps you efficiently plan and execute your phone campaigns.

Design and manage your telephone campaigns easily with ArenimTel cloud Call Center solution

Most popular Call Center functions

ArenimTel has all the building blocks for telephony and call center systems – create your custom setup

ArenimTel provides hundreds of features and functions, allowing you to build just the right solution for your business.


Support your outbound campaigns with powerful dialer functions.

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Voice, online and social media – manage all digital channels in one place.

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Remote work
Home office support

Working from a remote location

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Support for scripts
and questionnaires

Provide call scripts to your call center agents to increase efficiency.

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Success Stories

Where ArenimTel has already proven itself

helit Helit is a market leader in the wholesale of frozen food.
HUF 10+ bn revenue
300+ employees

Helit’s business strongly relies on accepting daily orders via phone. The failure of their old phone system resulted in significant loss of revenue.


By adopting ArenimTel, Helit has ensured the stable and reliable operation of its customer service, which accepts incoming orders. Besides providing high availability, ArenimTel’s system also allows for emergency call forwarding, meaning in case of a system failure, or an outage of electricity or internet service on Helit’s premises, incoming calls are automatically forwarded to employees’ mobile phones, thus the company never becomes unreachable.

We have connected the mobile phones of employees who are frequently out in the field to the call center, meaning they can take customer calls even when they are not in the office. We have done so ensuring that such calls are included in the call statistics.

Furthermore, Helit wanted to make the performance of individual agents measurable. This was made possible using ArenimTel’s advanced statistics function, providing a means to measure the effectiveness of phone sales.

"ArenimTel provides smooth and reliable operation; thanks to it, we are no longer losing customers through the phone."

Diána Bácsik - COO

tresorit Award-winning cloud storage provider with a special focus on security.
HUF 500+ mn revenue
80+ employees

Tresorit is a dynamically growing startup company that does outbound sales calls in numerous international markets. The company needed a call center solution that could keep up with its fast growth and could easily be customized at any time according to its constantly changing needs.


Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, ArenimTel can be scaled dynamically and without need for investment, allowing Tresorit to always customize the solution to its current size and organizational needs. Besides providing customer service, the company also makes outbound sales calls to numerous countries in the world, therefore they needed a solution that could handle outbound calls as well as inbound ones.

A key advantage of the system is that, due to the VoIP technology used by ArenimTel, it is cheaper to make and receive international calls, possibly resulting in significant savings on cost: incoming calls can be received at the company’s headquarters in Hungary without connection fees and other extra costs, but outbound calls to foreign countries can be made at very favorable local rates.

In order to facilitate the work of sales representatives, we carry out integration with SalesForce, making it possible to make one-click calls and to overview client data during calls. Moreover, the performance of individual sales reps has also become measurable: the amount of time spent in calls, and whether missed calls were returned, with the additional possibility to listen in on calls, facilitating quality assurance.

"ArenimTel is a reliable partner in helping us grow, it is very easy to customize according to our size and needs."

István Lám - CEO

barion Barion is one of Hungary’s most well-known and fastest-growing online payment service providers.
HUF 100 mn revenue
26 employees

As a licensed payment service provider, Barion must comply with the strict regulations set by the Hungarian Central Bank. This is why they switched to ArenimTel.


ArenimTel’s cloud-based architecture provides high availability and reliability, so Barion’s customer service hotline no longer suffers from outages. In addition, the system automatically handles opening hours, saving customers who call late from having to wait unnecessarily. All this has vastly improved the quality of the company’s customer service.

As a payment service provider, Barion not only has to comply with the stipulations of the EU’s data protection regulation (GDRP), but also with the requirements set by the Hungarian National Bank. They therefore needed a solution that allowed calls to be recorded and stored – features provided by ArenimTel.

"ArenimTel’s one-of-a-kind call center solution helps us ensure that our customer service complies with the strict requirements of the Hungarian National Bank."

Tamás Bíró - CEO

shoprenter ShopRenter is Hungary’s largest e-commerce platform company.
HUF 444 mn revenue
34 employees

In order to better service its customers, ShopRenter wanted to replace its old system and improve its processes.


We provide a complete inbound call center solution to ShopRenter and all their incoming calls go through ArenimTel’s system. Our cloud-based technology provides them a high-quality, reliable service that can be dynamically customized according to their needs at any time. ShopRenter uses ArenimTel’s advanced statistical and reporting functions. The performance of their customer service has thus become measurable, helping them in better organizing their internal processes. Thanks to all this, ShopRenter provides top-notch service and experience to its customers.

"ArenimTel has opened up new opportunities for us. We feel we made the right choice."

Renáta Ádám - Head of Customer Service

dr-orto Market-leading manufacturer and vendor of therapeutic appliances
HUF 1+ bn revenue
50+ employees
Dr. Orto

Dr Orto’s old phone system could no longer be updated to meet the company’s changing needs. A solution was sought that was easy to deploy, more flexible and functionally richer, while complying with strict legal requirements.


Dr Orto wanted for its phone-based appointment scheduling system a call center solution that it could customize according to its own needs without having to introduce organizational changes. ArenimTel’s cloud-based solution proved to be perfect for this.

As the limitations of the old system had been reached, the switch to the new one had to be fast while keeping the existing phone numbers. This was not a problem because ArenimTel can be used without switching to a new telephone service provider or investing in expensive PBX equipment – only compatible phones needed to be installed.

Dr Orto also wanted to start measuring the traffic of its customer service line and the performance of individual agents. ArenimTel provided the perfect solution to this, as the system offers built-in statistical and reporting functions out of the box, available through an online portal.

Another important point of consideration was that, as a healthcare service provider, Dr Orto needed to comply with strict regulatory requirements. ArenimTel’s call center service is GDPR compliant, and we always support our customers in making sure their customer service line complies with the law.

"We really appreciated the fact that they wanted to understand and address our needs instead of forcing a mass-produced product on us."

Anikó Klausz - Head of Customer Service

minicrm MiniCRM is Hungary’s market-leading customer relationship management solution – an all-knowing assistant that keeps track of your tasks, deadlines and all sorts of data about your customers and leads.
HUF 500 mn revenue
30+ employees

MiniCRM needed a solution for its customer support line that would aid them in their quality assurance efforts and enable them to measure performance. Integration with MiniCRM’s system was a given.


MiniCRM is a strongly performance-driven organization, therefore they needed a call center that would enable quality assurance and performance tracking in their customer support. They have chosen ArenimTel for their system’s call recording, listen-in and statistical functions usage to completely satisfy these needs.

Thanks to the integration, ArenimTel and MiniCRM work together in perfect harmony. Thus, the CRM can get not only real-time reports on missed calls, but can also assign tasks to them automatically.

What’s more, this integration is also available to every customer of MiniCRM, who can now set up their own professional sales and customer support operations faster, cheaper and more easily than ever before.

"ArenimTel helps us make our team more efficient, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers. They understand our values and needs, hence our close cooperation."

Norbert Leskó - CEO

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