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Automate your customer service and call center operations

Using ArenimTel, you can automate all phone-based operations that do not require complex human intelligence.

ArenimTel’s innovative Automated Call Center solution mitigates the issue of labor shortage in cases where inbound calls need repetitive and easily classifiable responses, or when the content of outbound calls can be unified.

Typical areas of application

Logistics services

Customer inquiries regarding status
and expected time of delivery.

Public utilities

Reporting meter positions.
Automated payment reminders.

Financial services

E.g. card activation,
balance query.

Maintenance & repair services

Inquiries about status of repairs.
Automatic notification on completion.

Public opinion polling

Have multiple automated polls
running in parallel.

PR and customer notifications

Mass customer notifications
and phone-based PR campaigns.

Gain measurable benefits using our Automated Call Center

Save on labor,
stay open 24/7

You can save up to 30% of your customer service team’s time by automating work processes that require simpler intelligence.

ArenimTel’s Automated Call Center learns quickly, doesn’t make mistakes, doesn’t take days off and answers your customers’ calls 24/7.

Our customers have achieved 20-60% savings on human resources by automating simple speaking tasks!

Stay open 24/7 with Automated Call Center | ArenimTel
Automated Call Center - a wow effect for your customers | ArenimTel

“WOW” effect

You may even serve your customers completely “human-free” by setting up an automated call center. This not only provides a unique customer experience, but also gives a strong competitive edge to your company. 

ArenimTel’s self-service call center is available in more than 20 languages, allowing you to make your customer service multilingual in mere moments. Using ArenimTel’s text-to-speech module, you can generate real-time responses and announcements and create a dynamic multilingual IVR.

Automated telephone campaigns in a matter of minutes

ArenimTel’s Automated Call Center module lets you automate not only your inbound calls, but also your outbound phone campaigns.

Whether it’s customer notifications, public opinion polls, accounts receivable recovery, or marketing campaigns, ArenimTel’s Automated Call Center module lets you compile messages to customers in a matter of minutes, even in multiple languages.

ArenimTel automated campaigns can even be customized per customer – using the pre-defined template and customer details, ArenimTel will read out information relevant to the customer. Campaign durations can be minimized: ArenimTel does not require sequential processing – you can automatically launch up to 1000 calls simultaneously.

Automated telephone campaigns in a matter of minutes | ArenimTel

Always stay in control

You can monitor the performance of your automated call center or campaigns using detailed analytics. If you want to, you can also give the caller or callee the option to ask to talk to a human operator during an automated call.

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