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Fast integration, ease of use,
increased conversion rate

Screen-sharing, co-browsing | ArenimTel WebWithMe
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Stop browsing blind
See what your customers see

Help your customers complete their purchases or navigate your website using ArenimTel’s co-browsing and screensharing function. Using ArenimTel’s co-browsing function, your customer service agents can see exactly what your customers are seeing and doing on your website, inside your web app or online store, making your customer support even more professional and efficient.

Customer service - do not navigate blind! | ArenimTel WebWithMe

The results of faster customer service:

More satisfied customers
More efficient customer service

Lower operational and customer support costs

Higher conversion
Increased revenue

Simple, yet powerful technology

With specific, measurable benefits

WebwithMe allows your colleagues to see what the customer sees by entering a simple code. The code is provided by the customer during the call. Your agents can then follow the customer’s actions on the website, allowing them to provide more professional service in a shorter amount of time.

Our co-browsing technology even allows customer service agents, if authorized by the customer, to remotely take control of the mouse and help complete a registration process, a form, an online purchase or a booking process, or to overcome an obstacle when using an application. The technology can be utilized not only in the private sector, but also in administrative proceedings and at public utility companies, making customer service way more efficient.


“Our target audience is slightly older than the average internet user, and they’re not always comfortable with using an online store. Using our resources prudently and efficiently is very important to us – WebwithMe helps us by allowing our operators to see where our customers get stuck, take control if necessary, and guide them towards completing the purchase.”

Dr. Anna Sasvári – e-commerce manager

Advantages of WebwithMe 

Easy to use

No need to download or install a program

Deployed within 1 hour

Insert a single line of code in your web portal or web application

Fully secure

Every session is fully identified and encrypted

Verified access

The customer service agent can only see the authorized session


Available for desktop, tablet, and smartphone


The plugin automatically adapts to the language of the website

Call Center compatible

Can be connected with any call center solution


Can be tailored to your business logic and branding

For all things web!

WebwithMe adapts to your online system

Complete online purchases

Is your customer only a click away from paying? Help them complete the purchase. Sensitive data, e.g. credit card numbers, are not visible to the agent.

Help complete online purchases with co-browsing. | ArenimTel WebWithMe
Help to fill out online forms with co-browsing. | ArenimTel WebWithMe

Fill out forms

Is your customer unclear on how to complete a form? Guide them through each form field step by step.

Search for products

Is the customer unable to find a specific product? Navigate them to the right page.

Navigate your customers to the right page using a screen-sharing software. | ArenimTel WebWithMe
Customer Service with screen sharing, co-browsing | ArenimTel WebWithMe

Use an application

Is the customer experiencing difficulties using a web application? Take a look at their screen and easily identify the problem.

Legal compliance, controlled access

WebwithMe fully complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The customer service agent only sees the session that has been authorized by the customer. When using WebwithMe, every session is uniquely identified and encrypted.

WebwithMe fully complies with GDPR | ArenimTel

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