Legal compliance: GDPR, consumer protection laws and all other relevant regulations

ArenimTel complies with all relevant legislation.

Legal compliance: GDPR, consumer protection laws and all other relevant regulations

When developing the ArenimTel service, one of our most important considerations was ensuring legal compliance. As our customers use our PBX and Call Center software in a wide range of industries that fall under various regulations, we built ArenimTel with general compliance in mind. When deploying and operating ArenimTel, we always take into account the specific legal requirements applicable to your industry, ensuring that the service complies with regulations at all times without the need for manual intervention.

ArenimTel’s service provides full legal compliance, among others, in the below areas:

  • financial institutions and financial service providers under the oversight of the Hungarian National Bank;
  • healthcare service providers falling under HIPAA regulations;
  • consumer protection stipulations in Hungary; and
  • full compliance with the GDPR.

Customer Protection Compliance

Your customer service may be subject to consumer protection investigations, but from now on, you don’t need to worry. ArenimTel’s system allows calls to be assigned unique identifiers that can be announced automatically both in inbound or outbound calls. Using these unique IDs, calls can be retrieved easily and customers can request a copy of the recording by referring to the ID, making compliance with the relevant consumer protection law easy.

Operating call centers compliant with GDPR requirements


If you want to ensure your call center, customer service, and other phone-based business areas comply with the GDPR’s requirements, then you need to consider the following when choosing customer service software:

  • Customer service software is software that you use to store and collect customer data;
  • Parties that you forward customer data to are considered data processors and need to comply with strict regulations;
  • The call center service provider is considered a data processor.

ArenimTel’s service fully complies with all requirements set forth by the GDPR – without extra costs!

Since May 25, 2018, third parties involved in the handling of consumer data as data processors must be GDPR-compliant, i.e. they must:

  • provide sufficient guarantees of compliance with the GDPR’s requirements;
  • be able to prove adequate protection of data subjects’ rights;
  • implement effective methods and technologies.
ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Tresorit

"ArenimTel is a reliable partner in helping us grow, it is very easy to customize according to our size and needs."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Shoprenter

"ArenimTel has helped us radically change our customer experience: ever since we started using it, we’ve been able to communicate with our customers in a much more professional way. It also helps us grow better by the week, which is a top value of our company."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Mini CRM

"ArenimTel helps us make our team more efficient, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers. They understand our values and needs, hence our close cooperation."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Helit

"ArenimTel provides smooth and reliable operation; thanks to it, we are no longer losing customers through the phone."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Dr. Orto

"We really appreciated the fact that they wanted to understand and address our needs instead of forcing a mass-produced product on us."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták -

"We were looking for a customer-centric team. Our top concerns were not having to integrate a whole new system and rent and operate servers – which would have skyrocketed our costs – but pay a per-user fee instead, as well as having a proactive service provider. We are very satisfied with this service."

GDPR Compliance in Practice

Your call center or customer service vendor must have the necessary level of organizational development, including:

  • an appropriate privacy notice that protects customers;
  • adequate access management to customer data;
  • data forwarding to third parties that is secure and limited to countries that provide an adequate level of protection;
  • BPC and DRP;
  • full compliance with all stipulations of the legislation!

Call center / customer service software vendors and their systems are expected to be fully secure, including:

  • the use of encryption for storage;
  • strict privilege management and access controll based on user roles.

The service must also comply with requirements for call recording:

  • the software must provide functions to support data subjects’ right to access their personal data;
  • the software must have the technological capability to allow data subjects to exercise their right to be forgotten.

When using ArenimTel, you can rest assured that your customer service and phone-based business areas will fully comply with all relevant requirements of the GDPR.

Learn more about ArenimTel Call Center’s further benefits.

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Good to know!

Arenim Technologies as data processor complies fully with the GDPR.


The most frequently asked questions regarding ArenimTel’s call center software and customer service solutions:


Where are data stored in ArenimTel’s cloud-based service?

Exclusively within the EU.

Do ArenimTel’s suppliers also comply with the GDPR?

YES, completely.

Is Arenim Technologies legally liable for incidents relating to its service?

YES, in fact, we are liable not only legally, but also financially. You can place your trust in us.


GDPR versus Call Centers & Customer Services

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