Other PBX features

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Other PBX features

Besides the advanced IP PBX features detailed elsewhere on our list of features, ArenimTel also supports all the regular basic features that you would normally expect from traditional PBX systems.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of ArenimTel’s general PBX features:


Call Holding

ArenimTel IP PBX’s HOLD function allows you to put your current phone conversation on hold e.g. while you perform an administrative task (“Please hold for a moment while I get your file.”), during which time the other party will hear music playing.

The hold function can be activated on the handset by pressing the HOLD button.

While on hold, the caller will hear a pre-configured piece of music or announcement (Music-on-Hold) playing. MoH can be set per phone line.

This feature is automatically available with all subscriptions and does not require separate setup.

Call Waiting

ArenimTel’s call waiting function lets you know if there’s a new incoming call while you’re already in a call. The new call is displayed on the device connected to the extension.

The feature is only available on extensions where 2 parallel calls are enabled.

If parallel calls are enabled on the given extension, this feature is automatically available and requires no separate setup.

Call Transfer

In case you want to transfer an incoming call to another extension, ArenimTel’s call transfer function lets you transfer the call to another extension or line.

Transferred calls can be either “attended” or “unattended”.

An attended transfer – also called a consultative transfer – is one where the source extension consults with the target extension first (“XY wants to speak with you. Can I put them through?”) and only proceeds with the transfer if the target extension is ready and willing to take the call.

An unattended transfer – also called a blind transfer – is one where the source extension transfers the caller without prior consultation with or permission from the target extension (regardless of whether the target extension is ready or available).

Calls may also be transferred – given sufficient privileges – to external numbers (e.g. a mobile phone number). For security reasons, this feature is diabled by default, but can enabled upon request by the client (this setting is managed by ArenimTel’s administrators).

This feature is automatically available with all subscriptions and does not require separate setup.

Hunt Groups / Line Hunting

ArenimTel’s system lets you can organize your extensions into hunt groups, which in turn establishes a chain of automated call transfers.

Do Not Disturbe

Use ArenimTel’s Do Not Disturb (DND) feature when you are busy and want to temporarily stop receiving incoming calls to an extension.

When DND is activated, incoming calls are automatically rejected.

Multi-Line Extensions

ArenimTel’s system supports two options for multi-line extensions:

  • one device can be assigned multiple numbers that it can use to make and take calls;
  • one extension can accept multiple calls at the same time.

The Call Waiting feature only works with multi-line extensions.

PIN-Restricted Calling

ArenimTel allows extensions to be configured in a way that requires the user to enter a PIN in order to be able to make outbound calls (e.g. international calls).

The required PIN is managed centrally by ArenimTel’s administrators.

Per-Extension Call Barring

ArenimTel’s system allows you to define various call barring rules on a per-extension basis (e.g. you can enable or disable international, long-distance, premium-rate or mobile calls, or allow only in-house or emergency calls).

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Tresorit

"ArenimTel is a reliable partner in helping us grow, it is very easy to customize according to our size and needs."

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"ArenimTel helps us make our team more efficient, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers. They understand our values and needs, hence our close cooperation."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Dr. Orto

"We really appreciated the fact that they wanted to understand and address our needs instead of forcing a mass-produced product on us."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Shoprenter

"ArenimTel has helped us radically change our customer experience: ever since we started using it, we’ve been able to communicate with our customers in a much more professional way. It also helps us grow better by the week, which is a top value of our company."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Helit

"ArenimTel provides smooth and reliable operation; thanks to it, we are no longer losing customers through the phone."

ArenimTel - Rólunk mondták - Ingatlan.com

"We were looking for a customer-centric team. Our top concerns were not having to integrate a whole new system and rent and operate servers – which would have skyrocketed our costs – but pay a per-user fee instead, as well as having a proactive service provider. We are very satisfied with this service."

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